DALI Dimming 30W COB LED Track Light


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  CREE COB chip







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 ► The PDF Catalogue, please visit: http://www.alight.hk/uploads/AL-TL0125-LED-Track-Light.pdf


DALI Dimming

DALI controlled solutions

Technical description

Adjustable spotlight with adapter for installation on mains voltage track for high-performance LED with monochromatic Neutral White (4,000K) emission. DALI driver built-into product.

The fitting is made of die-cast aluminum and thermoplastic material.

It enables 350° rotation around the vertical axis and 90° inclination with respect to the horizontal plane. 

It is provided with mechanical locks for orientation. 

What is DALI ?

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. In other words, it is a worldwide standardized digital lighting interface. The DALI standard, specified in IEC standard 60929, ensures interchange ability and compatibility of lighting products from different manufacturers. 


What can DALI  do for lighting ?

Good lighting design has to include good control design and there’s no better control solution than DALI. Put simply, DALI  is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. Every aspect of lighting can be incorporated into a DALI control solution. DALI can control a single light fitting or a defined group of light fittings within a network. It brings remarkable flexibility to lighting systems. Previous generations of lighting control techniques depended on two or more data networks to be wired throughout the project for the different lamps and user interfaces within the system. DALI allows for light fittings and user interfaces to use the same data network effectively reducing cabling by half.

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