Light distribution service

The Light meaning use of product
The Light meaning use of product
The light is important part of lighting, light’s
distribution and change of illumination count  
will bring great changes  to the nearby
environment. Because  every customer  hope
to enjoy feeling comfortable and experience
lighting product effect, so supplier have to
enough consider customers demand when
customer plan to lighting distribution of indoor
decorations. Let customer know light’s
distribution and lighting scene applications
effect in advance.
Light distribution service
Light distribution design services
Because light distribution have significance of lighting, so let customer purchase our product more trustingly. We can provide all product illumination parameter file (IES file) for customer use it in simulation software.
It can precisely simulate our product’s lighting situation make customer have strong purpose of choice. We can simulate our company lighting product every parameter effect of application scene according customer provide indoor scene data if customer batch purchase our indoor lighting product, offer customer the most detailed lighting distribution application report. Let customer plan the lighting distribution to most scientific choice of product in advance.
Light distribution design services   If you have problem of our
services or product parameter
information, you can contact
our customer services mail
box and feedback your use it
Light distribution design services2
Design and environment simulation
Design and environment simulation1 We have professional design group to help plan house
or architecture lighting. We provide the above services
only for customers who choose our products as the
main lighting for the project and this services for free
value added to customer, we hopeit will bring a long
lasting cooperation to each other
Design and environment simulation2
Design and environment simulation 3

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