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ALIGHT company has been a leading manufacturer of commercial lighting for more than 10 years, located in Zhongshan, China. We have heavily invested in research and development to offer sustainable eco-friendly solutions to the ever-changing lighting industry. Therefore, Chip-on board (COB) LED and its application, the potential tendency in Lighting industry has become our commitment since 2008.

We provide wide range of lighting products related with COB LED as below:

What we do

Our Service:

  • Project-based solution suggested by our programme team 

  • Drawing provided by our designer

  • Technical supported by our professional technical group

  • Full-tracking service including after-sales service

  • 2-3 years warranty


At ALIGHT, we promise the latest technology on COB LED lights, experienced professionals, a wide range of products, custom made fittings, tailor made solutions and impeccable after sales service and warranties. 


Let’s work together to from now on and realize your unique need on Lights!

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