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AL-ML09 is our second-generation remote control lights  Motor Lux motorized recessed spotlight. It’s designed in a snoot style for a high ceiling area. AL-ML09 redefined the recessed spotlight, provides a remote control function for the customers. Pan, tilt, dimming, and color-changing are all controlled by our developed IRF system. With the die casting housing measuring just 165mm in diameter, it delivers up to 2200 lumens. It is good for the banquet hall, museum, art gallery, meeting room, showroom, retail store, etc.

Model No.:  AL-ML09

Power:  25W

Lumen output:  2200lm

Input voltage:   100~240V AC

Cutout:  φ150mm

CCT:  2700/3000/4000/5000/6000K  or 2700-5000K

Beam Angle:  10° / 23° / 36 °

Housing Color:  WH / BK

Motor Lux lighting are widely used in various indoor lighting places: museums, exhibition rooms / exhibition halls, art museums, galleries, stores, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, live broadcasting rooms, etc. even installing a set of Motor Lux lighting in a special position at home,It can make you immediately enjoy the high-end effect of dynamic lighting brought by Motor Lux lighting.


Application Cases:

Track version

Power:35W CCT:5000k CRI:>90 Beam Angle:38°

 Recessed version

Power:25W CCT:5000k CRI:>90 Beam Angle:36°
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