• What is Driverless AC LED?
    Post time: 08-19-2019

    Driverless AC COB LED A light source that can be used directly without soldering and mounted directly on the heat sink. In the process of R&D, ALIGHT also added market demand to support dimming. In terms of shape and power, we developed 7w, 10w, 15w, 20w, 50w for market research on wattage i...Read more »

  • Track Light Changes You Life
    Post time: 11-09-2017

    How to make your life more colorful?  Our simple idea is to make your life warm and sunny. Yes, that's right! It's about adding a lamp to your environment and lighting up your house. Perhaps, coincidentally, fate will come. Track light can highlight the pictures on the wall, you can ...Read more »

  • Advantages of Track Light
    Post time: 11-09-2017

    Track lighting and rail lights can provide both ambient and focused lighting in your home or office. Track lighting has changed dramatically in recent years, with the addition of modern styles, halogen bulbs, and a wide variety of finishes. These new systems provide a softer light that can ...Read more »

  • Light and Angle, clever collision can make a different picture
    Post time: 11-09-2017

    The Angle is easy to find, but for the light requirement, it is particularly important.We all know that the higher the color index is, the higher the color of the material that it is.Because of this, COB has become a leader in the emerging market for modern technology. Compared with the COB light...Read more »

  • LED Ceiling Light & LED Recessed Downlight
    Post time: 11-09-2017

    LED ceiling light is a kind lighting choosing LED as a lighting source, which is installed in the room. Because of its flat upper part, and it is installed on the roof tightly, as if it is adsorbed.On the contrary, downlight is embedded inside the ceiling. Moreover, downlight is applied in the of...Read more »

  • What is COB LED?
    Post time: 07-29-2017

    COB COB (Chips on Board) , is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When it light up, it looks like a lighting panel.  Why COB? –BackgroundLED(light emitting diode) is new technology with advantage of...Read more »

  • Make Cash Savings with LED Lighting
    Post time: 08-16-2016

    It is an established fact that LED lighting is the most cost effective lighting solution available today. Regardless of a slightly higher capital cost, the incredibly low maintenance costs and high efficiency of these lights save huge amounts of money in the medium to long term. It is not unusua...Read more »

  • Are COB LEDs the Next Big Thing?
    Post time: 08-10-2016

    Are COB LEDs the Next Big Thing? It all comes down to the economics of it all. You get all of the benefits that we have come to demand from the LED fixtures, such as: low cost of operation  long life of the product(Lifespan >50,000hours)  less maintenance and all of this wi...Read more »


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